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Automatically caption your Strava activities with the songs,
artists and albums that fuel your workouts.

Stop manually writing your descriptions


Personalise your music display

Tailor your preferences and choose whether to display a combination of songs, albums, artists, or each individually. Showcase your favorite tunes, highlight beloved albums.


Instantly display your personality

Say goodbye to manual descriptions. Sounds automatically generates captions that reflect your unique taste in music letting your personality shine through with every activity.


Save time, share more

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of crafting captivating descriptions. You can focus on what you love—your workouts—while we handle the hard work.


Share your learning adventures (Coming soon)

Automatically display the podcasts you've immersed yourself in during workouts, and inspire others to explore captivating topics alongside their own fitness endeavors. Coming soon!

Strava app interface with sounds integration featuring biggie smalls

Automated descriptions

Tempo withTame Impala

Automatically capture and match your activity data with the corresponding songs, artists, or albums from your Spotify listening history.

  • Share the perfect song for every workout
  • Spotlight your favorite artists
  • Explore your playlist's impact on your activities


  • Sounds seamlessly integrates APIs from Strava and Spotify to effortlessly capture and match your activity data with the corresponding songs and artists from your Spotify listening history. You have the flexibility to choose your preferences, displaying either the data from the start of your workout or presenting it randomly from any point during the activity's duration, offering a personalised and dynamic audio experience tailored to your exercise moments.

  • Yes, you can personalise the format and style of the activity captions to suit your preferences. Our platform offers customisation options to make the captions unique to your liking.

  • Absolutely. We prioritise the security and privacy of your data. We employ robust encryption measures and adhere to strict privacy standards to protect your information.

  • Our product supports all types of activities recorded on Strava, including running, cycling, swimming, hiking, and more.

  • In your account preferences there is a disconnect button, which removes the connection between Strava, Spotify and the Sounds service. This will remove the our App from your Strava account. Spotify offers no such integration for external apps, to remove this you can go into your Spotify apps and manually remove if desired.

  • Our service is free to use! We believe in providing accessible and valuable features to all users. However, if you find value in our product and would like to support us, you have the option to donate. Your contribution helps us maintain and improve our service to provide you with the best experience possible. We greatly appreciate any donations to keep the lights on!